About clips.no

This site was created to have a independent platform to get my own footage out. This is also a motivation to go out and shoot more, explore more and create more. I hope this is a site you can use if you need video or stills for your project. I want to deliver creative quality and a wide specter of visual content. The site is built in english, because of how the database works. So all contents is tagged with english keywords. Search in english.

  • The geeky stuff?

    All the technical information you need is inside every clip. In general i will always provide you with a "flat" log version of the videos, in 4K. More flexible for you. Photos is delivered in highrez JPEG. If you need the raw file hit me up. If you don`t find the info you need, just send me a mail!

  • Me

    I`m Øystein. A cameraman. I have been working in the film&tv-industry in Norway for about 13 years now. I am a happy, creative guy that loves to capture those smashing moments. I do all kinds of genres and equipment. TV, commercial, docu, corporate, drone, photos and some postproduction.

  • Prices and terms

    I will keep the priceplan simple. No hidden costs, no extra, no fuzz. Two prices: Stills and video. That`s it. I will also set up bundles, so you can save some money if you need multiple clips. Do you have a special request? Just shoot! Check out the TERMS. Please do not exploit the content. I created simple terms to keep it simple for you.


As the platform is developing so will this site! The main goal is to keep it as simple as possible but with extensive content just a click away for you to purchase. If you have a request for a feature that could make the site better, please hit the button!

Send me a mail :)