www.clips.no launched!

www.clips.no launched!

After many hours spent in researching and figuring out how to best put up a site like this I'm finally here. I wanted to create my own b-roll-site for video and stills. I wanted to be independent from the already existing platforms in this market. I wanted to keep 100% control over my own content. 

So it was more challenging then i thought to find a system to get this gig up and running. It`s still early in terms of functionality. But the basics is in place, with a secure and working paying/downloading system. With collections and a search option i`m now live. I have missed shooting outside the projects i do for work. And when i see a nice sunset or a epic waterfall i now have a purpose to shoot and a place to put it out there.

The goal is to get more creative motivation and challenge myself a bit. Maby take some roadtrips across Norway or go to places just to shoot some lovely stuff. I will upload more clips asap and make sure you have options to choose from. It`s early days, and it takes a bit of time to build up a solid database with content. But i`m close to 1000 clips, so building slowly up more content.

In terms of quality i will provide you ungraded 4K in log. By that way you have more flexibility to set the look you want and use the info to shape the content. That has a consequence for me: Higher cost. In terms of server-capacity. So hopefully i will break even eventually, and maby earn some bucks on this site in a couple of years ;)

There is still tons of changes and tweaking i want to do. Both in terms of design, layout and functionality. But for now i hope you like it and please, take a look around! Btw, please subscribe for updates. As i shoot and upload more i will let you know!

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